Our beloved Telltale games, the creator of many excellent 5 episode series of games has brought another franchise to the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and iOS. The Walking Dead, based on the comic book series and TV series of the same name is another masterpiece we come to expect from Telltale.

The first thing we will say, point blank is, if you do not like games where you have options for dialogue in the game, you will not like The Walking Dead. The entire idea of the game is based around your dialogue choices, more on that later.

The story follows Lee Everett, an alleged murderer who is being transported to prison in a police car. As the policeman drives, he does a lot of talking to Lee. Many, many police cars whiz by on the opposite side of the road and some sort of emergency message is being broadcast over police radio.

The officer turns the radio off and turns around to speak to Lee… suddenly, he crashes into a man-like figure on the motorway and goes crashing down the side of the hill. Lee soon realizes he is dead and has encounters with zombie-like creatures. The is the first 15 minutes of the story summarized. I will not spoil any more of the main events, I will just give an overall summary.

As you escape from the forest of zombies where the crash occurred, you encounter an 8 year old girl alone. You agree to take care of her and begin encountering humans who are not infected. As you progress through the story, you are given time limited dialogue choices which effect the outcome.

You are given minor choices, such as lying or being honest to major choices such as saving one persons life and leaving another to die. Your choices have only some minor effects in episode 1, A New Day, but, by the end of the 5 episodes, there will be MANY major impacts of your choices.

This is an extremely interesting concept as it opens up multiple replays of the story to see what would have happened if you made one choice over another. Another thing we must mention is how drawn into the story you become.

As you progress, you will genuinely have emotional interest in the characters. You will feel attached to Lee and the girl he is caring for, Clementine. You will care for their fate and debate over the consequences of lying.

It is an extremely immersive game and will appeal to anyone who enjoys a great story behind their game. The comic book art style textures and character models are VERY UNIQUE and, although some may seem pixelated, you cannot help but appreciate the very unique and beautiful art style.

Gameplay is fantastic, which ties in with the superb dialogue. The character voice acting is done very well, it feels like they have true passion and emotion. Mechanics are good.

Another major source of excellence in the game is the sheer value you get from the episode. The episode will take you from 4-5 hours and only costs 400 MS Points or $4.99. All the episodes will be equally priced.

If you want to buy the PS3 season pass, it is only $19.99 for 20-25 hours of gameplay, that’s more than most full price games can get you. Also, you may replay the episodes several times due to the different outcomes, adding even further value.

This game is as close to flawless for it’s price as I have seen in any PSN/XBLA game. Absolutely amazing, to read final scores, just click “Toggle Scores” below.

Thanks for joining us, we will have a review for Episode 2 up close to it’s release. Stick with InsideTheBox