The National Printing Bureau of Japan reports today than Sony Computer Entertainment are currently suffering a deficit of a staggering ¥95 billion. This equates to £763,237,367€954,536,438.62 or $1,191,801,725.

One of the things which did not complement the deficit was Sony’s latest handheld, the Playstation Vita. While the Vita is slowly starting to pick-up in sales, it started off rather badly and Sony likely has made a large loss from the handheld thus far.

The research and development money pumped into preparing the PS4 for it’s big reveal which is likely coming over the next 12 months (most likely E3 2013) is the culprit being blamed primarily for the huge deficit.

Well, Sony are going to have to pick up the game quickly and start bringing in sales, sales, sales… we all must hope that the PS4 will be a big seller to bring Sony out of this mess….

In other news… the director and chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment, Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai has stepped down from his position… to go to a higher one!

Mr. Hirai is now the CEO of the entire Sony Corporation, moving to head an even wider range of Sony products by overseeing the entire company and trying to pull it back from it’s losses. …Riiidge Racer….

More as we get it!